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How are My Services are FREE!

How are my services complimentary to you you may ask? Well travel agents commissions are automatically built into prices. 

So whether you book on your own, through the company direct, or anywhere else you are paying for an agent. If you book through the vacation provider direct they are just keeping the agent commission vs paying an agent.. but either way you will pay the same price whether you book with me or direct on your own.

So why not book with me and receive my free services, my gifts, my many planning emails that will go over what to pack, ways to save money and so so so much more, along with my 5 star customer service!?

About Me

Disney, Universal, Cruises, Israel, Europe, Sandals/Beaches, All Inclusives, and more! 

Our Certifications and Achievements: 
Disney -  College of Knowledge
Sandals/Beaches - Certified Sandals Specialist

My Five Star Services

I am Insured

Nobody is perfect and while I strive to be, we know that sometimes mistakes can occur. To protect you, and your vacation investment I am fully insured for what we hope will never happen. 

Ethical Agent Training

My agency requires all agents undergo Ethical Agent training which teaches us things like continuing to search for ways to save you money, even after you book.. such as new deals and more.

Added Benefits For Just You

I have added benefits you cannot get on your own or even through other agencies such as:
- Early Park Entry
- Discounted cruises
- Fun gifts and swag
- Fully trained agents
- Years of experience and knowledge

I Only Sell What I Travel

Unlike other agencies, I cannot sell something I myself have not travelled. Could you image booking a vacation with an agent who has never even been? How will they properly guide you and plan?

I Save You So Much Time

You don't have to sit on hold an hour for a simple question, get up at 5am to book dining, print your final documents, or figure out on your own anything. I am there to do it for you, alongside many years of experience. 

You Pick The Service Needed

Do you like doing everything yourself... I get it... I do to! If you wish to book through me, and handle your own planning, that is great. You just tell me what you need me to do, I am great with doing all, a lot, a little, or none. 

I Prevent Common Mistakes

There are so many ways a simple vacation can go wrong. Suppose you planned a "slow" time at Disney that happens to  be during one of their peak dates? Or what if you booked a package we can book for far less due to new deal out?

Emergencies Happen

What if you break down on the way to the airport, or what if a storm is headed straight for you on vacation. Do you wait in hour long lines to see what can be done? No. You enjoy your time or fix your car while I handle your vacation supplier.

5 Star Customer Service

I am proud to offer top notch service! From returning emails in a timely manner to always looking for ways to save you money. From gifts to knowledge I spoil my clients because that is how I was trained. My clients mean everything!

I Work For You

I work for you, not the suppliers. So I am always watching for ways to better your vacation, save you money, and spoil you. I am NOT looking for ways to get more money out of your pockets, in fact I am doing the opposite.

This Is My Job, Not My Hobby

I am required to sell a large number of vacations, and travel myself yearly. That way I KNOW the new updates, new policies, and new things coming. I am required to live and breathe it so that you my client have the best vacation possible!

I Am With You Until You Return

I don't just book you and call it a day. I am with you through all of the booking, planning, and then while you are on vacation. If anything happens I am ready and willing to take care of it for you so you can relax and continue your dream vacation.

Florida Seller of Travel #ST44158
California Seller of Travel #2155516-50

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